A Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorney in Bristol County MA

Criminal Defense

The foundation of my practice is criminal defense. Some of the types of criminal cases I have handled include drunk driving matters, felony gun charges, domestic violence matters, restraining order and probation violations.

Trust and Support

Trust is something that can only happen when there is an open dialogue between attorney and client. As such I handle every aspect of representation personally and always return a phone call within 18 hours.

Every Dollar Counts

I am able to offer my services at very reasonable prices. Many cases, especially criminal defense matters, I handle for flat fees. This allows my clients the security of knowing that they will not be faced with unforeseen costs.

Seeking help with a challenge that has a deep impact on your life? I can help.

In today's litigious society, we as attorneys often lose sight of the fact that when someone comes to an attorney, they are doing so because they are seeking help with a challenge that has had a deep impact on their lives. The recognition of that basic fact forms the bedrock of my approach to law. I take the time to get to know who you are and what your needs are from the time of your free initial consultation, to the time that your case has been successfully resolved.

"My experience with Eric DiMarzio was professional but yet caring. He would always go above and beyond as well as getting any answers in a timely fashion whether it be after hours or even on a weekend."

Criminal Defense

My role is that of Legal Counselor, to advise and represent my clients. I am able to commit the appropriate amount of time and attention each case deserves and use my expertise to deliver the best outcome for my client. This could mean having the case dismissed, negotiating a plea deal, or taking the case to trial. I work tirelessly to represent my client and defend their rights. I consider it an honor to be entrusted with my client’s best interests. I aim to provide personalized, catered service to support and defend each client.

Family Law

In all family matters I am able to use my knowledge of the law to tell you what might be possible, what might not be possible and help you prioritize these goals. Once we have our priorities, my job is to be your voice, protect your rights and make sure we are able to meet the goals and priorities you have set forth for me whether that be at the end of a trial or by a negotiated agreement.

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