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Why do I need a lawyer?

If my client is arrested, my job is to defend their rights. Whether it is for a minor traffic violation or a major felony, I will focus on the person I represent. My first priority is to understand their unique case. It is important that I learn all about a client’s situation. Specific details can have great influence on how I approach each case. I will explain a client’s options so they understand the impacts. My goal is to help resolve the matter with the best possible outcome, specific to the needs of my client.

Criminal investigations, arrests, charges, trial, and sentencing or appeals can seriously effect a client in many ways. I will thoroughly guide my client through every step of the process. Before a case even comes to trial, whether guilty or not, clients may face difficulties. These can include financial burdens such as court fees, bail money requirements, or travel restrictions. Defendants can even be convicted of bail violations without proof beyond a reasonable doubt. I will make my clients aware of the unforeseen problems they may face, and help them avoid or manage each obstacle.

Why is it important for a lawyer to know his client?

Some state court decisions may be viewed differently at the federal level. For example, even types of “dismissals”, when someone is NOT convicted in state court, can hinder future plans for certain people. Those people interested in joining the military, obtaining federal security clearances, or becoming US citizens should be aware of these repercussions. Clients who are willing to share their future plans with me are helping me to recognize their risks. Knowing the whole situation allows me to advocate better, and helps my clients avoid making mistakes that could alter their future goals.

Attorney DiMarzio represented me in a case I felt was hopeless. After my initial consultation with Attorney DiMarzio, I had an immediate sense of relief. I am amazed at the unexpected extra effort he provided.- Brian F.

My Approach

My role is that of Legal Counselor, to advise and represent my clients. I am able to commit the appropriate amount of time and attention each case deserves. I will use my expertise to deliver the best outcome for my client. This could mean having the case dismissed, negotiating a plea deal, or taking the case to trial. If a case is not dismissed, I will review the alternatives with my client. I will thoroughly analyze the facts and case law related to the case. I will take the time to explain details of a plea agreement catered to my client. I will ensure my client understands the benefits or consequences it has to their situation. I can provide my professional opinion of the chance of success, or the risk related to taking a case to trial. I will offer my clients my view of their situation, but it is their choice to take a plea deal or take a case to trial. I will counsel my clients to help them to make the best decision that fits their needs. If the case goes to trial, I will work tirelessly to represent my client and defend their rights. I consider it an honor to be entrusted with my client’s best interests. I aim to provide personalized, catered service to support and defend each client.

As a criminal defense attorney serving Bristol, Plymouth, and Worcester Counties, I am here to guide you through every step of the process in Superior Court or District Court. Contact me for a free consultation and let me show you what passionate, personalized, legal service can do for you.

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