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A divorce marks not only the end of a relationship; it marks the end of a shared life together. While the end of the relationship is undoubtedly painful, the process of untangling a shared life doesn't have to be. I have always believed that quality divorce representation is not about shouting and creating a scene, it’s about calmly sifting through the pieces of shattered marriage and getting my clients what is rightfully theirs.

" Eric DiMarzio took my case last minute, and he did because he cared, he was very compassionate, and had empathy to what I was going through. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful in a time of turmoil for me. I am very grateful to him for a job well done! I would definitely recommend Attorney DiMarzio. " - Sharon L.

Quality divorce work is about knowing priorities. I take the time to get to know my clients. I learn what made their marriage work, why it now no longer works, and what their priorities are moving forward. No divorce is ever black and white, neither is any divorce agreement. As a qualified divorce attorney serving Bristol and Plymouth Counties, I know the Courts; I know the judges; and I am able to help you meld your list of priorities to what I feel you can get in a divorce agreement. Knowing then which things we need to focus our time fighting about, and which are areas where are efforts are best minimized, saving you money and aggravation in the process.

I handle divorce cases and custody and alimony arrangements.

I advocated for getting my clients what is rightfully theirs.

When I craft a divorce agreement, I do so with an eye towards the future.

I will fight aggressively on your behalf.

When I craft a divorce agreement, I do so with an eye towards the future. Most divorces end up back in court at some point during the client’s lifetime, usually over issues of child support and alimony. I try to anticipate where these points may be and create mechanisms which allow future adjustments to the agreement to be made easily and cost effectively. Let me to get to know who you are and what your needs are and help you create a long lasting, well drafted divorce agreement that will allow you to put this painful chapter of your life behind you

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