Harassment Orders


While lesser known than their Restraining order counterparts, harassement orders provide a useful tool for those seeking relief from abuse by a stranger or from harassing behavior which does not rise to the level of abuse by any person, whether family or not. As such a harassment order of protection is often viewed as a tool which “fills in the gaps” by addressing situations where protection is needed but a restraining order simply cannot address.

I help clients in both seeking and defending against harassment orders.

A harassment order violation, no matter how small, is considered a felony.

I can protect your rights.

I fight aggressively on your behalf.

As an attorney well versed in both getting and defending against harassment orders, I provide my clients with help in all aspects of restraining order law. I represent clients who are seeking to take out restraining orders as well as those defending against them. I get to know each client’s individual situation and provide them with options beyond this strict moment in time to help them solve the problem as a whole, beyond this individual order.

Applying for and getting a harassment order

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot take a harassment order out against a person simply by choice. Harassment when used in this context is a legal term which in some instances is narrower than the common definition of harassment. However, whether it be a belligerent neighbor or an ex or family member whose behavior is something less than threatened physical abuse, these orders provide people with protection the types of outrageous behavior they have the right to be free from. This is why it is so important to have a qualified attorney well versed in the law surrounding harassment orders by your side to help you through this emotional experience. Let me be your voice and help you get the protection you deserve.

Defending against an order

While not having quite the same stigma as restraining orders, nor their longterm consequences for your right to keep and bear arms, harassment orders are matters which need to be defended against. Harassment orders can restrict your movement by keeping you away from certain people and places. A harassment order violation, no matter how small, is considered a felony which has long term consequences for everything from getting a job to applying for student aid. As with restraining orders, harassment protecton orders cannot be issued without a hearing, which must be held within 10 days of you being served. While oftentimes the court will issue a temporary or “10 day” harrassment order in the interim, which is issued without a hearing, this is not the end of the story. As an attorney well versed in harassment order defense, I can protect your rights and keep the harassment order from issuing against you. As with all my cases, I take the time to get to know these cases intimately even on short notice. Let me help you defend yourself and get you the justice you deserve.

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